CBD Skincare Meets Luxury Beauty in Lab to Beauty

Lab to Beauty aims to bring the Farm to Table movement to Luxury Skincare with a focus on Cannabis Beauty

With the total global market size estimated to reach 3.5 BILLION dollars over the next 5 years, chances are you have heard of CBD Beauty by now. However the phrase CBD Skincare might still conjure images of plain, recycled cardboard packaging, scents of wet hay, and back display shelves in niche shops; NOT shiny glass bottles on gleaming displays in the middle of Saks Fifth Avenue.

Think again! Sisters Katherine and Alison Ragusa are shattering the misconceptions and stereotypes for CBD beauty with their launch of the impossibly chic, sustainable, luxurious and EFFECTIVE cannabis based skincare collection known as Lab to Beauty.

While CBD skincare is widely considered the “next big thing” in the eco beauty world- both for it’s ingredient sustainability factor (crops of Hemp can be harvested every 4 months and the entire plant can be used with zero waste by product) AND for it’s healing power (CBD is considered among the top ingredients to soothe irritated or sensitive skin), it has struggled in the luxury market with an image problem . How do you overcome that when wanting to bring CBD to the luxury skincare market? With a first of it’s kind launch at Barney’s New York! That was in 2018 and now just 2 short years later their Recovery Face Oil was just named one of the best face oils of 2020 by Women’s Wear Magazine–the first CBD Beauty oil to get that honor!

When I first connected with Katherine to chat about all things CBD Beauty she was so kind to send me an overview of the entire brand to try and I was BLOWN away. The scent profiles are out of this world, the bottles are so chic I keep constantly displayed in my bathroom, and they feel like absolute silk on my skin, INSTANT obsession.

When I asked Katherine “Why CBD” as the ingredient focus? The answer was clear to both sisters when starting out. They wanted to address a universal skin issue: INFLAMMATION. Just about everyone suffers from some type of inflammation or sensitivities in their skin. According to their research CBD is the ultimate plant active for soothing and calming the skin.

The sisters purposely made their minimalist line unisex as both women AND men struggle with this universal skin problem. They have also expanded beyond the CBD part of the cannabis plant , now also using CBG. What’s the difference? CBD is all about soothing and calming the skin, while CBG is amazing for moisture retention and plumping the skin.

Brand Standouts

Choosing my favorites was near impossible as the entire line is extremely well edited and each product is lovely. However the 4 products below I consider a MUST for anyone interested in a CBD skincare routine that DELIVERS:

Ultra Filler Creme – A cream that helps you skip the needles while smoothing any line that bothers you? YES PLEASE! I unfortunately inherited my fathers “railroad” forehead and having resting -you know what-face, so I have been liberally applying this creme morning and night just in those areas. It harnesses the power of Hibiscus flower & Marine Collagen to restore a more youthful appearance all with a healthy dose of hydrating CBG and immortelle. After a month of using I am hooked!

Rose Absolute Oil– You have to smell this to believe it! It’s like taking the most luxurious Bulgarian rose petals and rolling around in them, it’s that good! In a base of organic jojoba & argan oil, this CBG infused face oil hydrates while also being wonderfully fast absorbing. I LOVE mixing a couple drops into my foundation in the winter time to give my skin an other-wordly glow.

Lifting Moisture Mask– This is the mask my breastfeeding, dehydrated, non sleeping self NEEDED in her life. Soothing Sea Algae, Aloe, Moringa and hydrating CBG & Immortelle come together with gorgeous botanicals in this MAGICAL hydrating & LIFTING mask. Bonus it dries completely clear so you can actually sleep in it (tip given by the founder herself) and wake up to clear , plump gorgeous skin. PERFECT for combatting the punishing winter indoor heat.

Brightening Bath & Shower Gel– Jam packed with vitamin C, vegan hyaluronic acid , CBD and a gorgeous blend of rosemary & mint to awaken your senses, this shower gel turns an ordinary routine into an absolute spa escape ! This is on REPEAT in my personal shower and also makes a luxurious bath soak.

It’s safe to say that with the stress of motherhood coupled with my quest for restoring youthful glow and plumpness to my skin, that Lab to Beauty’s calming & nourishing products have earned a permanent spot in my skincare line up. My skin has never felt as soft and supple, CBD skincare for the win!


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