My 80/20 Clean Beauty Philosophy

“Makeup (and skincare) should make you feel more confident , reveal the most FABULOUS you, all while being good for your health, body, soul and planet.

Beauty Philosophy for Glowing Skin

I think it’s important that before I dive into product recommendations and reviews that I share upfront what my personal beauty philosophy is.

Transformative Self Care

I believe that makeup, skincare , body products, etc should first and foremost evoke something in you. Whether that’s making you feel empowered/emboldened due to the confidence you feel with glowing skin, or just a sense of calm and peace while performing your nightly skincare routine, the products we use and interact with can be so much more than just a “step” we do as mindlessly as brushing our teeth. When we merge MINDFULNESS, AWARENESS, and APPRECIATION for ourself, our time in front of the mirror and a gorgeous product, then actual transformation can be felt. THAT my friends can be the true power of products!

Products that end up in my “must have” lists are all evocative for varying reasons to me. Take for example my favorite cleansing oil (The Great Cleanse by Maya Chia). It has the most wonderful lavender scent and is such an experience when I use it that it literally helped me get out of a hospital bed just so I could feel a level of self care. My favorite Indie Lee Stem Cell Serum evokes confidence and luxury as I feel how smooth and silky my skin is left. My jasmine scented Rodin body oil always soothes my soul when I pamper myself with this treat. My motto is : If it doesn’t make me feel something, it’s not worth using.

Confident in your skin
Inspiring Confidence at every age

Reveal instead of Conceal

Don’t get me wrong, I will forever love my Cle de Peau concealer for making me look like I actually sleep at night (#nursingmamaproblems), but the entire makeup trend of covering every single imperfection, changing your eye shape, sculpting your nose to look like a Kardishan, etc..that is not the purpose or the power of the beauty industry in my opinion. The true transformation is when a woman (or man) uses these products to reveal how THEY want to be seen, how they see themselves, and as a tool of self expression. To me that is the true POWER OF BEAUTY. So let those freckle show, play up and exaggerate your own natural eye shape, reveal YOURSELF to the world!

Keep it Clean, Beauty

I am a HUGE proponent of the Clean Beauty & Conscious Beauty movement. Being conscious of not just the ingredients that are (or aren’t) in products, but how the ingredients are sourced , the packaging of the product, the ethos behind the brand, etc. All of that comes into consideration when I choose a product for myself. It’s no secret that my skin changed dramatically for the better when I made the switch to cleaner, organic skincare and I recommend it for everyone!

HOWEVER I am not a purist , I consider myself 80/20 where about 80% is considered “clean beauty” and 20% is conventional mainstream beauty products. I love products that WORK and there are still a few items I haven’t found exact dupes for yet in the clean beauty world (haircare and mascara is so hard!). I do take a little issue with the label of “clean beauty” ( I don’t personally think mainstream products are “dirty”) however you will see me use that term as it’s what is widely recognizable when it comes to organic beauty products. You’ll see a mix of both kinds of products here but one thing you will never see is anything tested on animals or products by a company that promotes animal testing. I firmly believe that we can be fabulous without harming our furry friends!

Lastly this is a NO JUDGEMENT zone. I believe there is space for all view points and philosophies on beauty so I would love to hear yours! Drop me a line below and let me know what it is!



  1. October 5, 2020 / 6:55 pm

    I love this! The reveal yourself vs conceal yourself point is so important. Imagine what our days would be like if instead of looking for problems or what we don’t like about ourselves we all got to know our true selves a little bit better and highlighted the things we find to love each day as we move through our skincare routines. What a difference it would make!

    • Susannah Dellinger
      October 5, 2020 / 9:51 pm

      Im so glad this resonated with you! It’s definitely something I have to remind myself on and work on every day , the negative self talk likes to rear it’s ugly head now and then!

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