How to Pick the Best Beauty Tool For Your Skin

Beauty Tools in my Arsenal this month : Glopro , Gua Sha stone and mini rose quartz roller

Which beauty device is right for you?

With new devices popping up on the market every day it can be overwhelming figuring out which ones will give your skin the biggest BANG for the buck!

Ice rollers? Gua Sha stones? Microneedling? Microdermabrasion? LED? Do I want Tightening? Toning? Lifting? Firming? Clarifying? It’s enough to make even the most seasoned beauty pro’s head spin. Here’s a breakdown of the Top 8 most buzzed about beauty tools and exactly what they do for each skin type.

In My Current Beauty Tool Box1

  1. Glopro Facial Rejuvenation Tool

Don’t let the adorable sparkly pink design fool you, this patented mirconeedling device packs a serious punch!  The tiny stainless steel needles glide over the skin triggering the skin’s natural rejuvenation response. Using both LED therapy AND micro current stimulation it restores volume and glow from the inside out. My take: Completely painless and super quick to use! Just 60 seconds per targeted area (for me- forehead and fine lines). Will be updating with my results after 60 days but I’m super impressed with the tech on this one and it doesn’t take up much space on my bathroom counter.

2. Wildling Empress Gua Sha stone- Up until recently I had been using a standard Gun Sha stone from Amazon and was loving the nightly ritual of a facial massage. However I kept seeing images of this gorgeous sleek Empress stone pop up in my feed and was so intrigued by the unique comb design.

The gorgeous Empress Facial Gua Sha stone

After featuring it in my Clean Beauty Gift Guide the company was kind enough to send one my way and it is a MAJOR upgrade! You can read why I was lusting after it to begin with here. My take: This innovative design makes it a must have for anyone wanting to target fine lines, loss of firmness and restore clarity. I’ll be posting my results with it soon!

3. Mini Rose Quartz Facial Roller– Easily the best budget beauty tool find on the list. Clocking in at just $12 this a steal! Facial rollers are great for reducing puffiness (after a night of too much indulging or just the start of allergy season). Rose Quartz is known for its skin nourishing properties and “love” energy so it’s sending little rays of love to your skin! My take: I absolutely love the mini size of this for targeting puffiness under the eyes (bonus tip: keep in the fridge for a cooling spa feel!). I don’t get the same overall circulation boost though that I do from my Gua Sha stone but it sure is cute (and my toddler steals it to mimic me when I do my routine)!

Buzz Worthy Facial Devices on my Radar

4. NuFace Mini Facial Device

Topping my list of what I want to try next! It’s a petite microcurrent facial-toning device that helps visibly improve skin’s contour, tone, and fine lines and wrinkles. Microcurrent facials are all the rage for lifting and firming and this helps you achieve similar results from the comfort of your own home. My take: I started with the GloPRo first vs this one because the GloPro combines micro current with LED PLUS micro needling. However if you aren’t concerned about fine lines and/or have sensitive skin and want something to give a dramatic lift this would be a great option!

5. PMD Clean Pro

Now that Clarisonic is no more (RIP!) The PMD Clean Pro has stepped the ultrasonic cleaning game to a new level with over 7,000 vibrations per minute that allow the brush head to deeply clean, lift, firm and tone the skin. Also enhances the absorption of your skincare. My take: If you are pretty happy with your skin overall but just want to give it a little OOMPH this is a great skincare tool to add to your routine. The extra exfoliation it offers makes it a great choice for people looking to diminish pore size and banish blackheads.

6. Dr. Gross Spectralite FaceWear – More Bond villain than skincare device this LED Mask if for those that are SERIOUS about getting pro results at home.

An impressive 162 LED lights (both red and blue) combine in this product to destroy acne-causing bacteria and boost collagen production. Curious what all these lights do? Read more about LED therapy here. In short they smooth & firm any fine lines, even skin tone texture, reduce the appearance of sun damage/discoloration, clear acne & eliminate redness all in one fell swoop. My take: By far the $$$ pick of the list, however the studies with LED light therapy are incredible on this mask. After 10 weeks 97% (!!) of users showed marked improvement in fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration and acne. Bonus: consider your halloween outfit SORTED!

7. Ice Roller

While I like to use my rose quartz facial roller cooled in the fridge, if you are prone to all over facial swelling, extreme redness or irritated skin an ice roller may be the way to go. Developed by an expert aesthetician, the Ice Roller’s gel and water core gets cold super fast. Leave it in your freezer and roll over your skin to calm breakouts, soothe itchy or post-sun skin, and alleviate under-eye puffiness. My take: With it’s larger surface area than the rose quartz roller this is great for anyone with all over puffiness. Super easy to use and love the calming effect for angry breakouts.

8. Ranavat Botanics Kansa Wand

This is such a unique skincare tool based in the principles of Ayurvedic medicine. In Ayurveda, there is no facial tool more sacred or celebrated than the Kansa Wand. Made from a teakwood and a mixture of copper and aluminum , it reduces puffiness, , plumps fined lines & promotes circulation while also unblocking the seven chakras within your body to increase vitality and relieve stress for a total body sense of well being. Note: when your skin releases acid, you will notice a greying in the skin from the metal which is easily rinsed away. My take: As someone who not only is looking to fight signs of aging but also fatigue I am absolutely drooling over this! It sounds magical!

So what skincare tool should I start with?

My overall top pick for anyone starting out that’s concerned with aging, dullness, or discoloration would some sort of Gua Sha stone. Whether it’s a jade one from Amazon or an upgraded design like the Wildling Empress, the ancient practice of Gua Sha facial massage is absolutely one of the most impactful things you can do for your skin. There are a plethora of beauty tools on the market to maximize radiance, but nothing comes close to the circulation boost these types of stones can give you when used correctly!

If you are on the oiler side and want to tackle enlarged pores, blackheads, etc then any type of microdermabrasion device or sonic cleanser such as the PMD above will be great for you!

If you just want to look more refreshed in the morning and suffer from puffiness then the ice roller will be your best friend!

Of course if you’re like me and you want to tackle some not so fine-fine lines–then it’s time to call in the BIG guys like the GloPro or and LED treatment!

Did I miss one of your favorite beauty tools or new secret skincare device? Reach out and let me know!



  1. lilian
    October 16, 2020 / 6:22 pm

    I’ve been choosing beauty tools only to end up with break outs. Thanks for sharing. Very educative.

    • Susannah Dellinger
      October 16, 2020 / 9:01 pm

      Oh no! I’m so sorry that’s happening! I’d recommend the gua sha stone to start with since it’s great for sensitive skin

  2. October 16, 2020 / 2:57 pm

    Ok this is a sign, been wanting to get a Gua Sha stone for a while! I have tried the NuFace and I really like that it feels like its really doing something.

    • Susannah Dellinger
      October 16, 2020 / 9:02 pm

      ooh the NuFACE is next on my list!! I definitely recommend the Wilding Empress Gua Sha. It’s NIGHT AND DAY above the Gua Sha I was using before. I also have a 10% off code my readers can use!

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